Some of the work that our lab has published or presented recently:

Facebook’s Oversight Board makes an imperfect case for private governance. by David Morar. Brookings Techtank. Feb 2021.

i am AI and Thou by Anne L. Washington, PhD. winner of the ODI Open Data Writers’ Fund for Black History Month 2020 Award. Nov 2020. Open Data Institute, London UK.

Categories of COVID. Researcher essays on Medium. Nov 2020.

COVID-19 Open Data Categories. by Anne L. Washington, Joshua Arrayales, Nicole Contaxis, Rachel S. Kuo, David C. Morar, Hope Muller & Molly Nystrom. Pandemics & Privacy Conference Future of Privacy Forum, Washington DC. Oct 2020.

How a compliance mindset undermines antitrust reform proposals. by David Morar and Anne L. Washington. Brookings TechStream. Sept 2020.